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Mora worked for many years for Rolex and the Richemont group, one of the world leaders in the luxury sector.


From a young age, Mora has always loved drawing and creation, as well as the desire to fulfill her dream by becoming independent by creating her own brand of jewelry.


In 2009, she took advantage of her maternity leave to design and produce her first pieces.

She created very high quality enameled silver coins and the success was immediate.


Mora reinvests the money earned by creating new collections and is noticed by a renowned jeweler, Mr. Benoit De Gorski, for the quality and originality of his creations, two years later, she managed to seduce the BONGENIE store in Geneva.


In 2013, Mora gave a name to her jewelry brand, it will be MORA which means pearl in Persian, "Pearl" perfectly symbolizes the spirit of the MORA brand, and is available in a collection for mom and child, c 'is to say a jewel available in small and large.


Mora has also created a range of reversible "Heart Inverted" jewelry, a piece of jewelry that knows how to stand out because it comes in two colors. Elegant in black, gray or brown for winter, it is adorned with pink, turquoise or green for summer: to whoever wears it

the jewel to choose the tone according to the seasons or its dress.


For her, each color has a very particular meaning, from which derives the shape and the material allowing to finalize her drawing.


In February 2014, the magazine Trajectoire devoted an article to her, in 2015, the magazine Elle Suisse devoted a two-page article to her, mainly highlighting the irreproachable quality of her collections and the remarkable talent of this Geneva designer.